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The SandGlider is a Sander, Edger, Finisher and Polisher "all in one" which can be used over a variety of surfaces. The machine is fitted with four independent, random orbital, oscillating heads which means it can function tight to the edges and in relatively confined spaces. Attached to the oscillating heads are four Velcro backed random orbital pads which makes the changing of the abrasives discs simple and stress free. With only seconds required to change the discs, valuable time and effort is saved on completing the overall job. The benefits of this random orbital sander means it’s far less aggressive than traditional belts sanders giving users the confidence and control when preparing surfaces. For dust control the SandGlider is fitted with an internal fan system meaning the majority of the material is extracted into an external micro fibre disposable dust bag. Sanding Applications: Parquet, Antique, Block / Engineered, Hardwood, Softwood. Buffing Application: Tile, Marble, Granite, Porcelain, Linoleum Other Applications: Decking, Staging, Anhydrite Screed (c/w Silicon Carbide discs) We support the SandGlider by offering a wide range of 6" (150mm) high quality abrasive discs ranging from 24g - 120g as well as the wool bonnets for polishing purposes. Whilst traditional floor sanders can be quite difficult to master, the most in-experienced of users can operate the SandGlider helping them to achieve the perfect floor finish making it the number one choice for any commercial or domestic DIY user. COST PER DISC £1,00 AND NEEDS 4 PER TIME, EXTRA CAN BE SUPPLIED ON SALE IF USED DISPOSABLE BAGS AVAILABLE ON SALE IF USED £5.00 EACH

Stock No: N/A
Power: 240V
Weight: 43KG

Hire Rates

Day: £120.00
Weekend: £160.00
Week: £200.00

Note: any prices or technical details given on these pages are subject to change without prior notice. All prices shown exclude VAT and are subject to availability.